Ultra Racing Rear Lower Bar for CHEVROLET CAMARO SS 6.2 V8'10-'15 (RLS6-2382P)

Ultra Racing Rear Lower Bar for CHEVROLET CAMARO SS 6.2 V8'10-'15 (RLS6-2382P)

Ultra Racing Rear Lower Bar for CHEVROLET CAMARO SS 6.2 V8'10-'15 (RLS6-2382P)

Ultra Racing 6-Point Rear Lower Side Bar for CHEVROLET CAMARO SS 6.2 V8'10-'15 2WD (RLS6-2382P). We're Authorized Online ULTRA RACING Dealer. ULTRA RACING proudly offers its products through a carefully selected Authorized Dealer network. If you do not see the official ULTRA RACING Authorized Dealer seal, then it's might be not an Authorized Dealer. By years of outstanding customer service through our Authorized Dealer network.

Ultra Racing is a specialist in manufacturing aftermarket chassis braces and sway bars, improving vehicle balance, steering precision, grip levels to enhance overall driving performance. Ultra Racing is a trusted brand worldwide, with distribution networks in more than 14 countries including Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Greece.

Its products are certified by JIS 3101 SS 400 (Japan International Standard), JIS G 3141 SPCC SD (Japan International Standard), ASTM A 500 Grade A (American Standard) and BS 1387 (British Standard). With chassis stiffness, it is a case of the more the merrier. Chassis bracing maintains alignment angles and spring rates by greatly reducing body or chassis flex. Its presence in the chassis will greatly enhance and compliment every single component in the suspension system. Feel the difference yourself through improved turn-in, sharper steering response along with greater steering feedback.

This upgrade is critical for the absolute car performance and essential for any car with uprated spring coils, shock absorbers or sway bars. Strut Bar and lower Arm Bar. Part of the shock of impact transfer to the chassis, causing wheel house and lower arm deforming.

Equip with the Ultra Racing's strut bar and lower arm bar, both side shock of impact will be neutralized. The joint between A-pillar and front chassis will be push and twist by thegreater shock of impact and drag force, causing damage on chassis. Recommend for user of sport absorber. On uneven / bumpy road, center section chassis will have different levelof body flex cause by the weight transfer between front and rear. Ultra Racing's side lower bar will stabilize the weight transfer between front and rear, it can also minimize the damage from side impact.

Anti Roll Bar / Sway Bar. When turning in corner, the weight transfer will make the car sway a side, causing body roll and more difficult to turn in to a corner, weaken the steering respond.

The upgrade version of Ultra Racing's anti roll bar will be moreeffectively preventing the car sway a side at cornering, greatly reduce body roll and high stability in cornering. Every materials used are carefully selected to ensure the best performance and safety. The brackets are made of 4mm to 5mm steel plates, while the hollow steel tubes and oval tubes are of 1.2mm to 1.6mm thickness. These materials are selected to ensure the bars are rigid and strong to maintain constant geometry at all times, yet safe enough to crumble during an impact for safety reason.

All raw materials has been made and tested with satisfactory result. MILL / TEST CERTIFICATE (Chemical Composition). JIS 3101 SS 400 (Japan International Standard). JIS G 3141 SPCC SD (Japan International Standard). ASTM A 500 Grade A (American Standard).

Why we use Steel instead of Aluminum? First, steel is stronger than aluminum for the same size and thickness. In order for aluminum alloys to be at least the same strength as steel, it has to be at least double the thickness (steel 4mm = aluminum 8mm). When that happens, weight saving is not so apparent anymore.

Of course there are also exotic materials and alloys that can match the strengths of steel, but the cost are astronomically high and therefore not very cost effective to bring into mass production. Due to the success of Ultra Racing products, unavoidably there are imitations floating in the market. The management found out that there are more than 10 such companies in the market imitating Ultra Racing bars, namely Utx, CTecx, 3Mxx, Advxx, Susxx, D2xx etc. These imitators besides using similar name or logo, had even copied our designs and color - white!

As such, we would like to inform the public that Ultra Racing has never OEM for any company in the country. As an established company in chassis strengthening technology, Ultra Racing would not compromise safety in return for better profit, and as such consumers can rest assured that our products are of the highest of quality and will bring out the full performance, quality and reliability that you have paid for. Comparison between genuine UR and Imitations. Original Ultra Racing Sticker with serial number (UR S/N:XXXXX).

Original Ultra Racing car model and type of bar sticker. 1 x Ultra Racing Bar. DOA (Dead on Arrival) items must be reported within 30 days from received date.
Ultra Racing Rear Lower Bar for CHEVROLET CAMARO SS 6.2 V8'10-'15 (RLS6-2382P)

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