Megan Racing Front Rear Lowering Spring Kit For 12-15 Chevy Camaro

Megan Racing Front Rear Lowering Spring Kit For 12-15 Chevy Camaro

Megan Racing Front Rear Lowering Spring Kit For 12-15 Chevy Camaro

Megan Racing Front Rear Lowering Spring Kit For 12-15 Chevy Camaro. Megan Racing Performance Lowering Springs are constructed of SAE 9254 Cold Wound Steel, one of the strongest materials available. The high tensile strength and phosphate powder coating delivers outstanding spring rates that are extremely durable and resist premature sagging. These springs offer a generous drop to your car while remaining very street-able by having enough clearance to avoid bottoming-out; and the lowered center of gravity improves performance and increases stability, as well as enhancing the appearance of the vehicle. Note: Spring rates and drop amount vary by different vehicle application and chassis load.

Does NOT Fit Z/28 & ZL1 Model. Require trimming of the bump stop to allow for full shock travel.

Spring rates and drop amounts might vary by different vehicles application and chassis loads. Material: Japan (SAE 9254) Cold Wound Steel. Drop Front -31mm & Rear -35mm. SpringRate: Front TBA & Rear TBA. Lower the center of gravity of vehicle to improve performance and increase stability.

Compatible with OEM Shocks, Direct Bolt-On Replacement for the Stock Unit. Powder-Coated Silicon Color Polish for Maximum Durability. 1 Set x Lowering Springs Kit (4-Pieces, 2 Front + 2 Rear). Items must be in NEW condition. Items broken during the return process are the buyers responsibility, so please insure the package.

A replacement will be sent out after a claim is filed. All Megan Racing Exhaust and Suspension products are deemed for "off-road use only"-- please check local laws regarding the modification of the exhaust systems by checking the vehicle code for your state. Many states are more stringent on exhaust modification laws and to pass SMOG.

Please check your local laws. All products are made for USDM Spec.

(United States market specifications) unless otherwise stated in the application description. Please obtain some knowledge on the products before purchasing. Proposition 65 requires warnings if a product Contains any listed chemical present above very low levels that are known to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. S warnings standards are among the most stringent in the world.

Proposition 65 is not a product safety law but rather a? Businesses are required to provide warnings to comply with Proposition 65. These warnings are required to be in place for all products offer for sale in California. There Are over 800 chemicals on the Proposition 65 list, which is administered by the California? S Office of Environmental health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), a part of the California Environmental Protection Agency.

The list includes naturally occurring and man-made chemicals. Proposition 65 warnings can be seen for a wide variety of everyday consumer products, including Automotive performance products, and warning can be seen posted throughout California in a variety of establishments such as hotels, restaurants, automobile dealerships/repair shops, and retail stores just to name a few. With over 15 years of experience in the aftermarket car parts industry, we continue to bring you, the customers, the best products possible.

Megan Racing Front Rear Lowering Spring Kit For 12-15 Chevy Camaro

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