Chevrolet Camaro 5th Gen 1015 Ultra Racing 2 Point Front Lower Crossmember Bar

Chevrolet Camaro 5th Gen 1015 Ultra Racing 2 Point Front Lower Crossmember Bar
Chevrolet Camaro 5th Gen 1015 Ultra Racing 2 Point Front Lower Crossmember Bar
Chevrolet Camaro 5th Gen 1015 Ultra Racing 2 Point Front Lower Crossmember Bar
Chevrolet Camaro 5th Gen 1015 Ultra Racing 2 Point Front Lower Crossmember Bar
Chevrolet Camaro 5th Gen 1015 Ultra Racing 2 Point Front Lower Crossmember Bar

Chevrolet Camaro 5th Gen 1015 Ultra Racing 2 Point Front Lower Crossmember Bar


Ultra Racing is a specialist in manufacturing aftermarket chassis braces and sway bars, improving vehicle balance, steering precision, grip levels to enhance overall driving performance. Ultra Racing is a trusted brand worldwide, with distribution networks in more than 14 countries including Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Greece.

Its products are certified by JIS 3101 SS 400 (Japan International Standard), JIS G 3141 SPCC SD (Japan International Standard), ASTM A 500 Grade A (American Standard) and BS 1387 (British Standard). With chassis stiffness, it is a case of the more the merrier. Chassis bracing maintains alignment angles and spring rates by greatly reducing body or chassis flex. Its presence in the chassis will greatly enhance and compliment every single component in the suspension system.

Feel the difference yourself through improved turn-in, sharper steering response along with greater steering feedback. This upgrade is critical for the absolute car performance and essential for any car with uprated spring coils, shock absorbers or sway bars.

Improved Safety Aspect & Comfort. 2.3 Kg net weight. 2.8 Kg after packaging. Compatible For CHEVROLET CAMARO SS 5th GENERATION 20102015. 100% Authentic ULTRA RACING Products.

T his P roduct C ontent I nclude.. Front Lower 3 Points Crossmember Brace. Each product comes with a unique serial number found on the silver tag.

If products are re-powder-coated a color other than our company color of white, warrantying may be on either a case-by-case basis or voided. Bracing has been designed to fit stock vehicles with no aftermarket modifications. Vehicles with high mileage, body damage, or old age may have chassis flex that will cause mounting points for bracing to not line up perfectly.

Modification may be needed for bracing to line up perfectly. How Ultra Racing Strut Bars work to minimize and improve. Shock Tower and Lower Arm Deflection. In an modified vehicle a shock load on the front wheels is transferred to the shock tower which can cause it to bend laterally up and inwards. At the same time, a load is transferred to the pivot for the lower arm of the suspension causing it to deflect outwards.

The addition of an Ultra Racing Front Strut Bar prevents the shock towers from bending, Ultra Racing front lower arm bars add extra rigidity to the lower arm pivots ensuring that they do not deflect. The installation of an Ultra Racing rear strut bar and rear lower bars offer similar improvements for the rear suspension. As an unmodified vehicle enters a corner, the weight of the vehicle transfer to the front wheel on the outside of the turn, there is also a large lateral load on the shock towers and the pivots for the lower arms, this will result in a deflection of both the shock towers and lower arm pivots point. The addition of an Ultra racing front strut bar prevents the shock tower from bending.

Ultra Racing lower arm bars add extra rigidity to the lower arm pivots ensuring that they do not deflect. LONGITUDINAL DEFLECTION OF THE SHOCK TOWERS.

For an unmodified vehicle a shock load on the front wheels is transferred longitudinally to the shock tower. This and the drag load on the suspension can cause the joint between the shock tower and the chassis to bend and twist. The addition of Ultra Racing fender bar s prevents the shock towers from bending, this results in greater stability and minimizes the chance of damage to the joint between the shock tower and the chassis. On an uneven or bumpy road, the load on the wheels change the body flexes, for instance if a vehicle reaches a drop in the road it will land with a large force on both the front and rear wheels. This load will result in the instantaneous bending of the body and chassis.

The additional of Ultra Racing side and middle lower bars adds extra strength and rigidity to the body and chassis. An unmodified vehicle enters a corner much of the weight of the vehicle transfers to the front wheels on the outside of the turn and some to the trailing rear wheels, this will cause the car to dip forward and to the outside if the turn. This can be very dangerous as it could result in loss of control of the vehicle through tight corners or during crash avoidance. Most cars come with a Front Anti-Roll (Anti-Sway) Bar.

The addition of an Ultra Racing Anti-Roll Bar in the rear and a stiffer Ultra Racing Anti-Roll Bar in the front will cause the inside and outside wheels to move up and down together. The thicker and stiffer the Anti-Roll Bar, the more the motion of the wheels will be synchronized. Even small increases in the diameter of anti-roll bar or replacing a stock hollow anti-roll bar with a solid Ultra Racing Anti-Roll Bar will greatly reduce body roll. All materials used are carefully selected to ensure the best performance and safety. The brackets are made of 4mm to 5mm steel plates, while the hollow steel tubes and oval tubes are of 1.2mm to 1.6mm thickness. These materials are selected to ensure the bars are rigid and strong to maintain constant geometry at all times, yet safe enough to crumble during an impact in order to disperse energy. All of our anti-roll bars are solid steel giving a more even dispersal of force, reducing stress and preventing fractures. Further, you will never see an Ultra Racing bar with mounting plates attached with bolts. All Ultra Racing mounting plates are welded to the bars.

Bars with bolted on mounting plates have minimal rigidity because energy dispersal is concentrated at the bolt mounts not along the whole bar. Further, bolts can sheer off during an impact reducing the dispersal of energy.

In fact, these bars can become a dangerous, lose piece of metal creating an additional hazard rather than a protection. To protect against the elements and corrosion, all of the Ultra Racing bars are powder coated to an aesthetically pleasing white color. Why are Ultra Racing bars made of Steel instead of Aluminum? Steel is stronger than aluminum for the same size and thickness. In order for aluminum alloys to be at least the same strength as steel, they have to be at least double the thickness (steel 4mm = aluminum 8mm). When that happens, the weight saving is not as apparent anymore. Of course there are also exotic materials and alloys that can match the strength of steel, but the costs are astronomically high and, therefore, not really cost-effective for mass production. 9 Reasons why choose Ultra Racing.

Established in year 2002, it is undeniable that Ultra Racing is the leading company which research and contrive elevated quality chassis strengthening bars and today, Ultra Racing has the most immense facilities to indulge with extreme high demand for various types of vehicle models in the market. With such achievement, Ultra Racing is able to deliver further assurance to all customers worldwide. In year 2007, Ultra Racing has been awarded as Super Excellent Brand. In year 2009/2010, Ultra Racing has been awarded with Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand Top Golden Brand Products. In year 2010, Ultra Racing has been awarded with SME 100 Fast Moving Company.

These achievements represent an assurance like no other to Ultra Racing loyal customers which our competitor brands will never able to accomplish. Ultra Racing has been recognized worldwide and today, Ultra Racing has been exporting fine tuned chassis strengthening components to more than 10 countries worldwide which are Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, United Kingdom, Greece, Sweden, New Zealand and USA. Invaluable asset which can never replaced by anything. Alternative trade in option also available for customers with a maximum value of 30% off the retail price of a new one which is applicable only for bar-to-bar basis. Ultra Racing has more than 1800 household products nowadays. Ultra Racing chassis strengthening components has the most compatible vehicle list. With more than 2000 products available in our catalog, Ultra Racing is able to cope with the demand of market needs.

In addition, custom made on all strut bars are available upon request. Track proven in-house development and involvement in. Ultra Racing Motorsport Division carries the task of bringing Ultra Racing products into track and Motorsport event in order to further enhance all products and accumulate feedback from event like track racing, autocross and drifting competition.

Being the proud chassis tuning partner of Federation D & Tengku Djan, Team Goodyear Racing, and Team Toyo, Ultra Racing able to show its existence in worldwide Motorsport event. Imitation is the best form of flattery.

The imitators used exactly the same name, our design, similar logo even our product color White. Genuine & Official Authorized product. Nice Packaging and suitable for direct display. New, mint conditions and never removed from box. Much cheaper than retail shop price.

Real Time tracking for your parcel. Extra care protective packaging - We use all superior packaging material and methods to ensure your lovely item arrive in perfect conditions.

For customer inquiry or maximum within 8 hours. This is to ensure you will receive your item in perfect conditions. We think from the customer point of view and we always focus on our relationship with customer. 100% FULL TIME well established business. Read what our customer said about us...

Installed and all worked perfect, thank you!!!! Arrived early and in new condition. Perfecto en todo llego daƱado pero realizo el reembolso inmediatamente. And also we are working close with international courier company so that we can offer. To our worldwide customer at.

Some products are source directly from warehouse clearances sale that why we can offer such a low price compare to others. Is what we practicing all the time, because we want you to receive your valued item in perfect conditions. We always adding cool stuff to our store inventory so make sure you check our listing frequently.

Finally we would like to thank you all customer for their kindly support, we appreciate your feedback and we always customer comment and criticism seriously. Your sincere feedback helps us to improve our services to serve you better in the future. Up to declared value or maximum USD 30 which ever is lower. For registered Air parcel, tracking info will be provided upon request.

Up to declared value or maximum USD 100 which ever is lower. Real-time tracking will be provided instantly once the courier company picked up the parcel. Much faster and cheaper than EMS / Speed Post. Some countries address are not deliverable with Express, EMS or POS Malaysia. Example like Turkmenistan, Israel and etc.

Without the prior notifications to the customer. Just kindly send the item back to us with its original conditions will do. All customer inquiry will be reply instantly or maximum within 8 hours. We support worldwide customer 24/7, even on public holiday!

Our customer service representative are working on 24/7 basis, we will reply to all inquiry immediately or maximum within 8 hours. All inquiries should be responded within 8 hours due to different time zone. Slight delay may be expected if customer is not living in the same time zone with us (GMT+8). Please check out other cool stuff from us.

Chevrolet Camaro 5th Gen 1015 Ultra Racing 2 Point Front Lower Crossmember Bar

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